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Why we started

Whether it’s an insulin pump, breast pump, ostomy pouch, or urinary catheter likely you or someone you know has left a medical practice with a prescription and an uncertainty of what's next. The process for both patients and providers is time-consuming and frustrating. It does not have to be this way.

After working over a decade in the medical device industry, I had seen it all: the bait-and-switch tactics, delivery delays, lack of concern for the patient’s needs, and the increasing burden for medical practices to close the gap. Passionate about improving the quality of care and reducing costs, I thought we can do better. Thus began the development of Rx Redefined.

What we have accomplished so far

We have created a patented technology platform that allows physicians to personally manage the distribution of medical supplies to their patients directly, cutting out the intermediary. There are no handoffs and patients can work directly with their providers to get the exact product needed. The platform creates a value-add service to cost-pressured medical practices, reduces patient care gaps, and has demonstrated a reduction in utilization compared to traditional delivery pathways.

Brandon Boots

Founder & CEO

Built by a globally distributed team passionate about patient care

Customer Coordination

California, U.S.

Customer Coordination

North Carolina, U.S.

Product Development

São Paulo, Brazil

Growth & Operations

Across the U.S.

Our Principles

Hard Work
Building Trust

Patients, teammates, and partners can rely on us to deliver consistently and accurately. We always do the right thing to help our customer's patients.


We treat everyone with kindness, respect, and empathy regardless of the circumstances.


We think big picture about how our actions impact the patient experience, and proactively make changes to improve outcomes.

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