A platform that enables providers and patients to take control of the plan of care.

We built a streamlined platform for providers who decided to positively impact their patients lives by directly managing the distribution of medical supplies. Rx Redefined understands our customers' main focus is the health of our communities. We designed our platform to efficiently address all processes surrounding the distribution of medical supplies. Our platform displaces the current arduous medical supply ordering process, allowing providers to focus on their patients.


Avoid unnecessary overhead when adding new services to your practice. Our expertise provides you peace of mind.

Licensing & Application

Our experienced team will run point on the application process. There is no need to learn yet another convoluted healthcare application process. With minimal input from your practice, Rx Redefined will ensure proper licensing is obtained and revalidated as necessary.

Compliance as a Service

Navigating everchanging complex state and federal healthcare regulations increases stress and can incur significant legal costs. Our proprietary setup process and compliant software application takes into account all applicable regulations aiming to eliminate anxiety and expense.

Audits & Support

Compliance is not static. In fact, one of the major challenges within healthcare is managing regulation updates. Rx Redefined performs proactive audits to ensure adherence with applicable healthcare regulations. Additionally, our proprietary processes and compliant software application are continuously updated to meet current regulatory demands.


A tool that drives down healthcare costs and positively impacts the quality of care.

Our in-office software allows for efficient order processing, ensuring focus remains on the patient versus paperwork. Every order passes through an algorithm that addresses compliance and medical billing requirements. Our integration with your practice removes the need for unnecessary paperwork.


Getting the right product in the patient's hand before it is needed.

Product Distribution

We believe that physicians and patients should decide what product is appropriate for the plan of care, not the distributor. After the most beneficial product is selected for the patient, we ship it out. Our technology protects against the negative impacts of product switching and long delivery times at play in the market today.

Full Cycle Billing

We preasses each requirement necessary for payor reimbursement. Patients are no longer fed the false scripted line, "that item is not covered." Rx Redefined begins the billing process while the order is created via the in-office software application. Our proprietary billing process ensures the accuracy that is critical to patient safety, rapid payment and efficient operations.

Full Cycle Collections

By utilizing customized technology tools we are able to efficiently collect payments. Although automation has shown success in our collections process, we still understand the need to have well-educated, experienced, and reliable staff to work directly with payors. Rx Redefined focuses on following our proven process, monitoring that process and adjusting with the ever-changing payee requirements.


We are here for you and your patients.

At Rx Redefined, our number one priority is patients. Our mission is "beginning every day with our patient-first approach to foster transparency and positively impact the lives of others". Whether it is providing shipment tracking, giving insurance coverage advice or just listening, we are focused on providing physicians and patients what they need when they need it.


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